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The Strange Reversal of  Commentary Box Norms in Indian Cricket

The players play the game whereas the commentators 'speak' the game. This would be a simple definition of a commentator in sports. While speaking the game, s/he analyzes, interprets, and gives a little sports history and so on to the viewers. Moreover, the  commentators  have a major role in making each and every moment of the game thrilling and attractive. The presence of commentators especially in the era of live-telecast is a necessity. Along with the fabulous performance of the star players, the commentators also have done a remarkable job in making different kinds of sports popular. The case of cricket in India after the live telecast revolution is no different either.
What exactly do the commentators do in the commentary- box in the live telecast of a cricket match? They provide the 'dialogic-punch' for an otherwise visual-alone stream of events on the screen. The situation could be compared to that o…